5.7.2022 S -D-25 study temporarily subcontracted

Problems appeared in the traditional HPLC method in week 26 Samples arrived between June 15 and June 28 were analyzed with the CMIA method by a subcontractor.

4.7.2022 Analyzer change in clinical routine analysis

Starting July 4, 2022, the studies were transferred from the previously used Thermo Fisher Konelab analyzer to the Indiko Plus analyzer from the same equipment manufacturer. Regarding the studies, the methods and the result levels do not change, except for Kol-LDL (see announcement below). All examinations are accredited with the new device and the reference and target values ​​of the examinations do not change.

4.7.2022 fS-KOL-LDL direct measurement has been introduced

In connection with the device transfer, we also introduced a direct enzymatic method for the Kol-LDL study instead of the previously used computational Friedewald method. With the direct method, the result level is on average 10% lower compared to the values ​​calculated with the Friedewald formula. Sample-specific differences are possible.

1.7.2022 Summer opening hours

Mila is open for a limited time between Wed 14 July and Fri 29 July 2022. Closed Mon, Tue-Fri from 9 am to 2 pm.

Most of the analytics will also be moved to the summer break, except for trace elements, clinical chemistry, B2 and B6 vitamin status measurements. Samples delivered to Mila on weeks 28, 29 and 30 will be fully analyzed by mid-August.

From the beginning of August, Mila will be open as usual and all samples will be analysed, but the summer holidays may still cause a delay in operations.