Extension of the key tag for the online store ravitsemusmittausket.fi


The Association for Finnish Work has granted to the MILA’s webshop ravitsemusmittaukset.fi a key flag label.

The key flag is a sign of Finnish work, which can be awarded to services produced in Finland in addition to products manufactured in Finland.

The tests sold on Ravitsemusmittaukset.fi are analyzed in the Finnish capital city, Helsinki, at Mineral Research Laboratory MILA. MILA has the right to use Key Flag label with its services, which cover the company’s entire turnover. MILA does not subcontract studies from abroad. Mineral Research Laboratory MILA is a 100% domestic family business. The maintenance of the online store is also done from Finland and is mainly handled by MILA herself!

The origin of the home tests sold in the online store is also Finland.

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