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The measurements of nutritional factors starting 1982

Over 40 years of experience
Kaarlo Jaakkola, Lic. Med., a specialist in surgery and a pioneer in clinical antioxidant therapy founded Mineral Research Laboratory Mila in the early 1980s to support treatment. Jaakkola has been involved in developing analytical methods for nutritional status assessment in collaboration with researchers from the University of Helsinki. He has also authored several books in the field.

Over the years, the range of analysis has progressed, but analyzis for vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and fatty acid profile status has been popular from the start up to the present day. The expertise of the staff has led to the addition of new methods for measuring micronutrients, such as oxidized LDL cholesterol and urinary iodine. Old methods have improved over time, and some have been accredited according to the European standard SFS/EN ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

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Mineral Research Laboratory Mila Ltd is a member of the Association for Finnish Work. Mila is committed to the principles of responsible work: creating jobs, responsible production and procurement and increasing employees’ competence and well-being.

The Association for Finnish Work endeavours to increase the appreciation of Finnish work and to further the success of Finnish work. This has been the Association’s mission for over a century.
–          “Our members share a desire to support the future of Finnish work and communicate the excellence and responsibility of Finnish work,” says Päivi Fogelberg, CEO of the Association for Finnish Work.

The member companies of the Association for Finnish Work gain access to research on changes in consumer behaviour, the future and sustainability of work, and the impact of Finnish origin in purchasing decisions. Furthermore, the Association highlights its members via its own marketing channels and actively engages in discussion on topics like media and responsibility.

The Association for Finnish Work endeavours to increase the appreciation of Finnish work and to further the success of Finnish work. Our duty is to promote employment in Finland. www.suomalainentyo.fi/en/

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Quality Control
Mineral Research Laboratory Mila Ltd. is an accredited testing laboratory T309 by FINAS Accreditation Service, following the accreditation requirements of SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
Ensuring absolute reliability, we have consistently prioritized seeking external and impartial evaluations of the analysis methods we employ. The scope of competence reflects the proposed activities submitted for accreditation, which undergo thorough assessment to demonstrate competence. Based on this scope of competence, we offer accredited services. Presently, we possess accreditation for a total of 21 clinical tests, with our objective being an annual expansion of our scope of competence.

The assessment of micronutrient levels plays a pivotal role in nutritional therapy for healthcare professionals, whether it pertains to health maintenance or disease treatment. Trustworthy results are essential, as wrong results can lead to misdiagnosis and, consequently, inappropriate treatments, potentially causing severe health issues. Standardizing nutritional analysis services remains challenging due to skepticism from different various sources. Despite a growing body of research, human metabolism and dysfunctions are largely governed by genetic factors, resulting in highly individualized micronutrient requirements.

We ensure the reliability of our analyses through a comprehensive quality management system. The primary purpose of our quality management system is to guarantee the reliability of analysis and measurement results under all conditions. We continuously develop our laboratory’s quality management system and accredited methods, anticipating the future needs of our customers. Additionally, we strive to expand our analysis services in accordance with the recommendations of ESPEN (European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism).

The best way to ensure the reliability of micronutrient analyses is through FINAS accreditation. Accreditation is a formal recognition by an external official body of the laboratory’s competence to operate according to defined standards and perform specific tasks that fall within the scope of accreditation. During the accreditation process, the laboratory’s management and quality systems are evaluated, along with the laboratory’s technical competence to perform measurements within the defined scope.

FINAS is Finland’s only national and impartial accreditation body. It participates in all recognition agreements of European and international accreditation organizations. Accreditation is granted after auditors or an assessment team have audited the laboratory’s quality and management systems. The auditors are typically experts in calibration or representatives from national laboratories. They also review the laboratory’s technical competence to perform measurements within the scope of accreditation. To maintain accreditation, the laboratory undergoes regular reassessment by the accreditation body, which verifies the laboratory’s compliance and continuous level of operation.