As of March 31, 2023, a new analysis method for urine iodine is in place, along with updated patient instructions. Furthermore, the iodine reference ranges and sample requirements have been revised to reflect the changes.


We have implemented a new and updated analysis method for measuring iodine in urine. The change in the analysis method does not impact the result level or the reference ranges.

With the introduction of the new method, we now require only 1 ml of urine for the U -I test. However, the standarized iodine study still necessitates 2 PP tubes, one for U -Crea and one for U -I analysis.

The patient instructions have been updated with additional details, including the recommended duration of urine retention in the bladder (4-12 hours) and the importance of avoiding blood contamination during the collection process.

Furthermore, the U -I reference ranges have been updated in accordance with WHO recommendations and can be found in the laboratory manual.