In practical medicine, the significance of conducting laboratory tests to assess the balance of essential nutritional factors required by the body has been firmly established.

  • Individualized Nutrition Therapy Combined with Chemotherapy with Excellent Result in Two Patients with Periampullary Adenocarcinoma

    Tamara Tuuminen, Pyry Suonsivu, Kaarlo Jaakkola, Ola Brodin, Carlos Fernández Moro, Bengt Isberg, and Mikael Björnstedt Clin Oncol Case Rep 2021, 4:10 Abstract Background and Aims: Within the last decades it has become increasingly evident that prolonged oxidative stress is the leading course of chronic inflammation and is the major trigger of many chronic […]

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  • The association between high sensitivity Long-term nutritional trends in the Finnish population estimated from a large laboratory database from 1987 to 2020

    Tamara Tuuminen, Mikko Sorsa, Martin Tornudd, Pertti Lauri Lähteenmäki, Tuija Poussa, Pyry Suonsivu, Eeva Marja Pitkänen, Erkki Antila & Kaarlo Jaakkola Sci Rep 12, 11362 (2022) DOI: Abstract The assessments of malnutrition in adults with MUST or NRS-2002 criteria do not give a detailed insight into the sufficiency of micronutrients. Sufficiency assessment of essential […]

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  • The association between high sensitivity C-reactive protein and micronutrient levels: A cross-sectional analysis based on a laboratory database

    Tamara Tuuminen, Mikko Sorsa, Martin Tornudd, Tuija Poussa, Erkki Antila, Kaarlo Jaakkola Clinical Nutrition ESPEN,Volume 33, 2019, Pages 283-289,ISSN 2405-4577, Abstract   Background and aims Low-grade chronic inflammation is a condition underlying many serious diseases but there is no good single biomarker which can estimate and monitor the severity of the inflammation. C-reactive protein (CRP) […]

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