Potassium, serum

Potassium, serum
S-K KL 2001

Most of the potassium in the body is intracellular. Serum potassium testing is used in the monitoring of fluid and electrolyte balance. Altered potassium levels in serum are seen in various illnesses or medication effects. 


Monitoring of fluid and electrolyte balance, acid-base balance and diuretic medication. Assessment of fluid balance and acid-base balance.


1.0 mL of serum (min. 0.5 mL) or Li-heparin plasma. Haemolysis interferes with the assay. 

Storage and delivery

Delivery at room temperature, if it arrives within 24 hours. Can be stored refrigerated over the weekend. 


Ion selective electrode (ISE).

Turnaround time

1 – 2 weekdays

Reference ranges

3.3 – 4.9 mmol/L