Iron, serum

Iron, serum
fS-Fe KL 2566

Decreased iron concentrations are seen in patients with inflammation, impaired absorption and malnutrition. High concentrations are due to e.g. excessive use of iron supplements, iron poisoning and some types of anaemia.


Suspected iron poisoning. When suspecting mild iron deficiency, ferritin or transferrin testing is recommended in addition to serum iron. 


non-haemolysed fasting serum (or Li-heparin plasma), minimum 0.5 mL. Separated plasma can be stored refrigerated over the weekend, ship at room temperature. 

Storage and delivery

Delivery at room temperature, if it arrives within 24 hours. Can be stored refrigerated over the weekend.



Turnaround time

1 – 2 weekdays

Reference ranges

9 – 34 mmol/L