Fatty acids, profile

FATTY ACIDS, profile
fP-FA ATK 8018

Diet plays a significant role in shaping the composition of plasma fatty acids. The composition of fatty acids in cell membranes is accurately mirrored by the plasma fatty acid profile. This profile has a pivotal impact on various functions of cell membranes.


Determining abnormalities in plasma fatty acid content or monitoring fatty acid treatment.


A 12-hour fasting period is necessary. You are allowed to consume a glass of water and take your regular medications. Refrain from consuming fatty acid preparations for the duration of the 12-hour fasting period.


1.0 mL fasting EDTA or Li-heparin plasma (minimum 0.5 mL)

Storage and delivery

Delivery at room temperature on the sampling day (Mon-Thu) if it arrives the next day. Can be stored refrigerated over the weekend, ship at room temperature. 

Method principle

Gas chromatography (GC)

Turnaround time

10 weekdays

Reference ranges

Abbreviation Travial nameReference range (%)
MAMyristic acid (C14:0)19,9 – 28,6
PAPalmitic acid (C16:0)19,9 – 28,6
POPalmitoleic acid (C16:1(9))1,0 – 3,6
STStearic acid (C18:0)5,7 – 9,7
OAOleic acid (C18:1(9))14,9 – 27,1
LALinoleic acid (C18:2(9,12))18,2 – 34,2
GLAGamma-linolenic acid (C18:3(6,9,12))0,1 – 0,4
ALAAlfalinolenic acid (C18:3(9,12,15))0,4 – 1,4
EAEicosenoic acid (C20:1(11))0,1 – 0,3
ODTOctadecatetraenoic acid (C18:4(6,9,12,15))0,1 – 0,4
EDA Eicosadienoic acid (C20:2(11,14))0,2 – 0,5
DGLADihomogamma-linolenic acid (C20:3(8,11,14))1,0 – 2,2
AAArachidonic acid (C20:4(5,8,1,14))3,8 – 8,3
EPAEicosapentaenoic acid (C20:5(5,8,11,14,17))0,3 – 3,8
DPADocosapentaenoic acid (C22:5(4,7,10,13,16))0,5 – 1,2
DHADocosahexaenoic acid (C22:6(4,7,10,13,16,19))2,0 – 6,4



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