Alanine aminotransferase

Alanine aminotransferase
S-ALAT KL 1026

Serum ALAT is, in practice, a rather specific marker for liver cell damage. In acute hepatitis, both viral and medicine-induced, ALAT often increases by about tenfold or even more.

Moderate ALAT increase without liver damage can be seen in sepsis, pulmonary infarction, muscular dystrophies, cardiac insufficiency and renal insufficiency. Haemolytic samples can cause incorrectly high ALAT activities.


Diagnostics and monitoring of hepatic diseases.


1 mL of non-haemolysed serum (minimum 0.5 mL) or Li-heparin plasma.

Storage and delivery

Delivery at room temperature, if it arrives within 24 hours. Haemolysis interferes with the assay. Ship the sample as room-temperature, if it arrives within 24 hours. Can be stored refrigerated over the weekend.


Photometric, in accordance with IFCC recommendation.

Turnaround time

1-2 weekdays

Reference ranges

children, 0 – 16 yrs

below 40


men, from 17 yrs

10 – 70


women, from 17 yrs

10 – 45